Historical record of 200 tonnes of milk produced daily by FKA


On February 5th, 2020, is an unforgettable event in Fka's Company history.


17th International Exhibition of Livestock, Poultry & Related Industries 6-10 sep. 2018


The presence of FKA co in 17th International Exhibition Livestock, Poultry & Related Industries 


The Second Livestock Shipment Exported to Oman

photo 2018 02 03 15 29 27

The second  livestock shipment exported to Oman, including 70 heads of pregnant and non-pregnant heifers.

Fka co exported more than 10 billion rials of its products in this year, including about 150 heads livestocks and this action leads to support for internal products.

Visiting the Shasta's Security Managers from FKA Co

herasat shasta1

 Shasta's security managers and some security of Shasta's subsidiaries visited the FKA Co on may 7, 2019.


Reduce the Bad Effect of Air Pollution with Drinking Milk

alodegi hava

Every year, with the beginning of the cold season increasing pollution especially in major cities becomes an important issue.

The bad effect of pollutant on the health of the people increase the importance pay attention to this problem.

 Consumption of milk and dairy products softens the upper respiratory mucosa, esophagus and stomach

Do Sports Competitions to Celebrate the International Labor Day

roz kargar 1

On 1 may each year, there is Opportunity for celebrating labor day; on this occasion the Fka co held a male fitness competitions and  a dart contest in the

women section.

The first men in the men,s section were: Mr.Shafie, Mr.Samadi and Mr.Ghasemi.

The first woman in the women section was: Mrs.Mahdinezhad.

Fka Co donated the prizes to top players.


The 18th Exhibition of Research, Technology Achievements and Techmarts


The presence of Fka co in the 18th exhibition of research, technology achievement and techmarts as a knowledge_based company.

In this exhibition Fka co presented its achievements in the field of Embryo and OPU.


Workshop of Embryo Transfer and Commercial Produce of Embryo and Its Role in Conservation of Gentic Resources

kargahgenetic1 Copy

At the same time as, the 16th international livestock, poultry and veterinary exhibition , "The workshop of embryo transfer and commercial produce of embryo and its role in conservation of genetic resources" was held at Fka company.

This workshop was held with lecture of Dr.Nejati , Dr.Riasi and Dr.Sadegh.


Memorial Day of Student with Donation of Book

ketab tasisat

Fka co donated 180 books "Dairy Freestall Housing And Equipment'' to the department animal science of govermental universities in order to commemorate the "Student Day" and honoring the status of students in the country.

This book was the first book Fka co published.

The Presence of Fka Co in the 16th International Livestock, Poultry and Veterinary Exhibition

IMG 2675 Copy

  The 16th international livestock, poultry and veterinary exhibition in Esfahan was held on 31Jan-3Feb, 2018.

This exhibition was opened with the presence of Dr.Safari Head of the Veterinary Organization of the Whole Country and Mr.Saremi Director of the Department for Nutrition Improvement and Animal Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture and Mr.Karimian the Head of Agriculture Jahad Organization of Esfahan province and Mr.Afyoni Assistant of Improvement of Animal Product of Agriculture Jahad of Esfahan province.

Mr.Saremi along with Mr.Afyoni visited Fka,s pavillion and expressed that the facility would be done for the licening of the embryo production center.


Assistance of FKA Co and its Personnel to the West of Iran Quake Victims

IMG 0898

Fka co and its personnel have collected the essentials to express the sympathy with west of Iran quake victims.


Visiting Director of Agriculture Jahad Esfahan from Fka Co

reis jahad

Mr.Sadeghi Director of agriculture jahad of esfahan city and his assistants visited Fka Co .

The propuse of this visit was become more familar with livestock and animal husbandry in esfahan and also the methods that used by Fka Co.



Supply the Natural Grape Juice of FKA Co for First Time

shire angoor

Fka co decided to process the grape product of company to grape juice in order to improve the naturitional value and increase storage time.

Grape juice as same as grape itself, contains some deals of vitamin A, B, has high sugar content and it is very tasty and nutritions, energy producer and hemapoietic.

One of the best time to consume  grape juice is the cold seasons.

Print and Translate the Book 'Learning About Dairy"


 Studing the structure and organization  of dairy cow industry in advanced countries can help promote agriculture and animal husbundry in the country.

Fka Co for this purpose and in ordet to perform its scentific and social mission, decides to publishe its second book entitled "Learning Aboat Dairy".

Helpers Remembrance Exhibition in the Sacred Defense Week

 photo 2017 09 26 10 22 52

The presence of social security organization CEO Dr.'Nourbakhsh' and the other senior managers of social security organization at the exhibition in the sacred defense week.


FKA Co Won the Bronze Statue at the Shasta Companies Ranking Festival


 FKA Co won the bronze statue at the Shasta companies ranking festival on march 5 ,2018.

Forth Shasta companies ranking festivalwas held with the presence of minister of coopratition , labour and social welfare "Dr.Rabiee" and head of social

security organization "Dr.Noubakhsh" , ...

In this festival, 275 subdinaries of Shasta were evaluated and the Fka Co won the bronze statue.

congratulation to Mr.Jalilnezhad , the managing director of fka company and other personnel of Fka, on the achieving this success.


Embryo Bisection


   JaninBiotechnology of Embryo bisection was took place.
Biotechnology of Embryo bisection was took place after continuous efforts and extensive researches in FKA CO.'s reproduction lab.
One of the reproduction biotechnologies is Embryo bisection.The most important application of this method is multiply high breeding value embryos.
The limiting of the number of ovum picked up from superior cows make this technique more important because you can bisection each embryo two or three times.


Commemorate of the National Men,s Health Week in Iran


Fka Co in order to coomemorate Sama week, it has taken the following action :

1.volounteer morning exercise for 20 minutes.

2.Weekly mountain climbing on Mount Sofeh.

3.Take advantage of industrial phsychology consultant in the company.

4.Distribution of brochures related to mental health between personnel.


Pregnant Heifers Exported to OMAN



 The first party of pregnant heifers was exported to OMAN

 The first party of pregnant heifers was exported to OMAN country in 16th May 2017 by FKA agriculture and animal husbandry Co. This is the 11th exporting party in last six month.

Wish good luck for all participants in dairy farm activities


Esfahan Province Worker,s Championship Cross Country Running Tournament


Cross country running tournament was held in orrder to commemorate the Fajr decade with the presence of sport elders.

This tournament was held in two parts, over 40 years old and under 40 years old.


Embryo Export to Azerbaijan



Embryo export to Azerbaijan

According to scientific , technical and commercial cooperation between FKA agriculture and animal husbandry co. and Azersu co. From Azerbaijan republic ,The first IVF embryo export to Azerbaijan. Also the tecnical embryo transfer services were presented to them. Its the first time that Azersu co from Azerbaija republic have done such technics. These embryo have  adequate price , high genetic quality and saftey.
Development of scientific and commercial cooperation in future are most important goals of both company.

Tug of War Competition in the Fajr Decade

tanab962 2

Tug of war competition was held between 8 teems of Fka,s personnel and Fka Co donated some awards to first and second teem.

 This competion was held with the participation of the Labour Department Chief of Esfahan and social management of Cooperatives,Labour and Social Welfare

Department of esfahan province.


Stock Production Manager of Isfahan Province


For the first time in our country enriched beef meat contains super beneficial fatty acids omega-6(CLA) and omega-3 produce in Esfahan.


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