About Us

 FKA animal husbandry and agriculture co. was established at 1972 in south east of Isfahan on 800 hectares land.Agriculture and husbandry activity began in 1976.now a day there is three animal husbandry units:

• Two separate dairy farm unit ( in 24 hectares ) with 4800 milking cows.
• Heifer breeding unit ( in 4 hectares ) with 3000 heifers.
• Feed factory witch produce 15 tones feed in an hour.
• Specialized in vitro fertilization , nutrition and veterinary lab
• Using new generation vaccine against infectious diseases.
• Doing embryo transfer from 2001.

• Production  60000 tones of milk per year.
• 44kg average milk production per cow per day.
• Owner of 12.5% of top genetic ranking dairy cows in Iran.
• Highest milk breeding value.
• Perform the first IVF and first cloning in middle east.
• Mass production of freeze embryos in Iran with highest genetic value.
• Exporting heifers to other country for first time in Iran.
• Exporting raw milk to Arabian country for first time in Iran.
• Get certification for quality management or ISO 9001:2008
• Production of Wormi compost.
• Production of enriched meat ( with CLA ).
• Co-operating and supporting research centers and universities.
• Elected project in term of genetic products in first national exhibition of top Iranian association of invention.

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