Stock Production Manager of Isfahan Province


For the first time in our country enriched beef meat contains super beneficial fatty acids omega-6(CLA) and omega-3 produce in Esfahan.

Tahmoress Namdarpour in an interriew with Tasnim reporter in Esfahan said that .
Researcher of FKA Agriculture and Animal husbandry in Co-Operation with other experts in one year research make a success to produce this product.
He mentioned before that, this product only produce in European country, Australia and Canada.
He said that enriched beef meat with fatty Asids Omega-6(CLA) and Omega-3 have some efficacious against cancer and atherosclerosis and is a valueable antioxidant and also have some benefit for diabetic people.
Namdari said that FKA farm can produce 150tones of this product in each period (about 10 month)

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